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Films, Movies & TV Insurance – When filming, there are hundreds of thing that may affect the outcome of your production. We are here to ensure that you have the best coverage for those unexpected occasions. Weather, faulty equipment, and accidents are just a few of the things that could go wrong. To prevent financial loss and ruin, we will give the best coverage.

Special Events – We offer coverage for over two hundred different types of special events, which include weddings, business meetings, and parties. Our coverage allows you to plan your special events with peace of mind, that you can plan without fear of loss.

Festivals – When organizing a festival, there is always the risk that it will not be well attended, and the organizers could come out of it with a loss. Accidents might occur or property and equipment could be damaged. We offer coverage for problems that may affect your festival.

Production Insurance – When organizing a production it is extremely important that all risks are covered. Large amounts of time and effort are spent on putting together a production, choose from a number of production insurance packages that we offer.

Trade Shows – When organizing a trade show, you have to take into account the risk of damage to property and exhibits on display. Our coverage allows you to proceed with your plans, without having to fear these risks.

Sporting Events– Countless accidents or damages could occur at sporting events. Therefore we over our clients coverage for the unexpected occurrence of such accidents, whether to athletes or equipment. We also offer special insurance coverage for aggressive contact sports.

Venue Insurance – We offer coverage to certain venues, where damage may occur to those properties. Many times a certificate of insurance must be in hand in order to rent out a venue. We can provide fast certificates of insurance that can be downloaded directly from the web.

Concert Insurance – There are many things that can go wrong, even with the most well prepared concert. Taking out adequate concert insurance in advance will insure that things remain stable no matter what fate has in store for the concert.

Weather Insurance – How awful is it to have your gathering or special event canceled due to bad weather. Even a little bit of rain and chill can drastically lower the attendants of your event. Weather is very unpredictable, if you think your event might be effected by weather make sure your are covered.

Artist Liability – Losing a key artist can be very damaging to your show. Additional remarks made by one of your artists can bring forth a rush of lawsuits. Purchasing adequate artist liability insurance is a smart move.